Coffee House Sketches

Playing around with my water brush pens and some brown markers while drinking delicious coffee.


Yes, my boyfriend is in love with my cat. She is always on his mind. He claims they have some kind of telepathic link as he carries her though the house like a furry child. I even overheard him bragging about her to some random guy at the greenbelt, going on to say how he was now a cat person. She is that awesome.


Not a great likeness of Mel, but I liked it anyway. She made an amazing dinner earlier which included vanilla-rosemary tortellini. I know- it sounds weird, but it was super yummy.


Melanie and I have been friends since junior high, when she gave super shy, 7th grade me a barrette in social studies class. She puts up with me drawing her a lot. For that and many other reasons, she is the coolest.


Months ago, the brilliant folks of 10bitworks asked me if I would be up for creating a front and back design for an LED lit shirt they would be creating and presenting at the 2012 Luminaria festival. Here’s how they turned out!  We wandered though HemisFair Park in San Antonio, TX as a mobile installation, and were well received by the festival patrons. ImageImageImage

While in radio mode, the light patterns active on the shirts were controlled by remotely by Jeremy Zunker and depending on the mode, synced up from shirt to shirt. With the touch pad on Jeremy’s computer, the viewers were able to interact with the art by selecting the active color.


The shirts can be purchased at They come in ladies’ and men’s sizes and in white, violet, red and light blue with black ink. There is talk of a run in silver ink, so stay tuned!

The Bear Quest Bear Suit

That’s right! It’s everyone’s favorite one-eyed blue bear!  It took some improvisational seamstress-ing, but with the help of his creator, comic artist Zach Taylor, the beast was released upon the unsuspecting  patrons of Staple March 3, 2012. The Bear made both friends and enemies that day, and there was much mischief.

Check out Bear Quest and other awesome creations by Mr. Taylor at